Friedrich Nietzsche

"Toate spiritele profunde au nevoie de o masca: mai mult decat atat, in jurul fiecarui spirit profund se formeaza neincetat o masca, datorita interpretarii invariabil false, adica anoste, a tuturor cuvintelor sale, a tuturor pasilor sai, a tuturor manifestarilor vietii sale."

duminică, mai 3

despre propaganda anarhista...

"It is in fact a question of education for freedom, of making people who are accustomed to obedience and passivity consciously aware of their real power and capabilities.

One must encourage people to do things for themselves, or to think they are doing so by their own initiative and inspiration even when in fact their actions have been suggested by others, just as the good school teacher when he sets a problem his pupil cannot solve immediately, helps him in such a way that the pupil imagines that he has found the solution unaided, thus acquiring courage and confidence in his own abilities.

This is what we should do in our propaganda. If our critic has ever made propaganda among those who we, with too much disdain, call politically “unconscious,” it will have occurred to him to find himself making an effort not to appear to be expounding and forcing on them a well-known and universally accepted truth; he will have tried to stimulate their thought and get them to arrive with their own reason at conclusions which he could have served up ready-made, much more easily so far as he was concerned, but with less profit for the “beginner” in politics."

Errico Malatesta, "Anarchist Propaganda"

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