Friedrich Nietzsche

"Toate spiritele profunde au nevoie de o masca: mai mult decat atat, in jurul fiecarui spirit profund se formeaza neincetat o masca, datorita interpretarii invariabil false, adica anoste, a tuturor cuvintelor sale, a tuturor pasilor sai, a tuturor manifestarilor vietii sale."

duminică, aprilie 26

Red Army Faction -> not terrorists!

"The current systemic crisis has its origins in the nature of the system itself, not just its mechanics. Resulting from the all-consuming goal of profits, the capitalist system has become ever more parisitic and exploitative. The disintegration of social life has accelerated due to entire sections of society becoming disadvantaged and having needs that the State can no longer cater for. It is only possible to stem the unquiet and dissent arising from this situation by manipulating the media and imposing State repression on a massive scale. The political crisis caused by the
student rebellion and the Black Power movement in America; the spreading unrest resulting from student protests in Europe; the resurgence of a workers’ and peoples’ struggle with a new and radical agenda – culminating in the explosion of May ’68 in France; the deep crisis in Italian society and the resumption of discontent in Germany – all this is indicative of the current situation.

Under a pretext of acting on behalf of ‘the common good’, the State and the trade unions joined together and introduced a concerted policy of wage limits. The September strikes23 proved that these policies had gone too far in serving the interests of profit. However the exclusively economic content of the strikers’ aims still shows how firmly the State can keep things under
control. The strength of today’s system is evident in how workers can be disciplined and terrorised by holding up the spectre of cheap foreign labour, the threat of unemployment and the constant fear of recession. All this happens without the necessity of resorting to the right-wing militias of the
past and reduces the prospect of any further radicalisation of the masses.

The Red Army Faction, by fusing the faction with political practice, have drawn a clear dividing line with the enemy. As a result, we will be the ones who will be most fiercely opposed by the State. This already assumes the attainment of political identity and also the fact that we have learnt some important lessons already.
Our original organisational concept involved linking the Red Army Faction with existing grassroots activists. We envisaged participating in existing socialist groups – we would work with them, influence debates, gather experience, learn some lessons.

Infiltration by the security services and their knowledge of meetings,
agendas and plans, had reached a point that you were prevented from talking freely. You cannot combine legal political activism with an illegal political practice.
Being an Urban Guerilla requires a clear set of motives: You have to make sure that you are unaffected by the tabloid attacks. That whole “anti-semitic/criminal/low-life/murderers/arsonists” syndrome which is used to attack revolutionaries, all that shit must not affect you operating as an Urban Guerilla.
The system will be prepared to use any means, however scandalous, in order to restrict our terrain and show its determination to oppose us."

The Red Army Faction
April 1971

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